The University
of Queensland

Alicia N. Rambaldi

B.Rural Sci.(UNCordoba), M.Sc., PhD (LSU)
p: +61 7 336 56576
a:540/39 Blair Drive St Lucia Queensland 4072

Selected Publications

  • Heard, C, A.N. Rambaldi and F. Menezes (2017), "The Dynamics of Bank Location Decisions in Australia", Australian Journal of Management, forthcoming
  • Peyrache, A. and A.N. Rambaldi (2017), "Incorporating Temporal and Country Heterogeneity in Growth Accounting - An Application to EU-KLEMS" Journal of Productivity Analysis, Volume 47, 2, 143-166. doi:10.1007/s11123-017-0498-2
  • Plant, L., A. N. Rambaldi, N. Sipe (2017), "Evaluating Revealed Preferences for Street Tree Cover Targets: A Business Case for Collaborative Investment in Leafier Streetscapes in Brisbane, Australia." Ecological Economics, 134, 238-249.
  • Ganegodage, K.R. A. N. Rambaldi, D. S. P. Rao & K. K. Tang (2017), "A New Multidimensional Measure of Development: The Role of Technology and Institutions" Social Indicators Research, 131, 1, 65-92. Published online: 13 October 2015. DOI: 10.1007/s11205-015-1139-7
  • Fletcher, C.S., Rambaldi, A.N., Lipkin, F. and McAllister R.R.J. (2016), "Economic, equitable, and affordable adaptations to protect coastal settlements against storm surge inundation," Reg Environ Change, 16, 4, 1023-1034. doi:10.1007/s10113-015-0814-1
  • Rambaldi, A. N. and C.S. Fletcher (2014), "Hedonic Imputed Property Price Indexes: The Effects of Econometric Modeling Choices" The Review of Income and Wealth, Series 60, Supplement Issue. S423-S448. DOI: 10.1111/roiw.12143
  • Ganegodage, K. R. and Rambaldi, A. N. (2014), "Economic consequences of war: evidence from Sri Lanka" Journal of Asian Economics, 30, 42-53. DOI:10.1016/j.asieco.2013.12.001.
  • Fletcher, CS, BM Taylor, AN Rambaldi, BP Harman, S Heyenga, KR Ganegodage, F Lipkin, RRJ McAllister (2013), Costs and coasts: an empirical assessment of physical and institutional climate adaptation pathways National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility, Gold Coast, pp. 59.
  • Rambaldi, A.N, C.S. Fletcher, K. Collins, R. R. J. McAllister (2013), "Housing Shadow Prices in an Inundation Prone Suburb " Urban Studies, 50 (9), 1889-1905. DOI: 10.1177/0042098012465904
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  • Rao, D.S.P, A.N. Rambaldi and H.E. Doran "An econometric approach to the construction of complete panels of purchasing power parities: analytical properties and empirical results," In: the Econometric Society World Congress, 17-21 August, 2010. Shanghai.
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